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What is 72SOLD?

Fast, Easy, Profitable

Why Home Sellers Love Us  

Our Promise, Service First! 
We are 100% committed to getting you top dollar for your home.
As the Phoenix area Directors for 72SOLD we are proud to offer a Premier
Strategy for home selling as well as years of experience in traditional home
sales we have a tool box that is unmatched. 
If you’re not happy with our work on your behalf, you can cancel your
listing without any penalties.
We do everything we can to take the risk out of selling your home. 
You list your house and we work hard to sell it for maximum value.

The stress-free way to sell your home... as featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & Forbes 

Minimize the stress of daily showings. Net $1000's more than selling the traditional way. Our program has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and featured in Forbes as the fastest, most profitable way to sell your home. We are the leading home selling program in America.

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